"Opening Address" by Louise Ryan
"Collaboration, statistics and major research challenges: avoiding boring people" by Murray Cameron
"Clustering species according to their relationship with their physical environment" by Ross Darnell and Louise Marquart
"Particle Markov chain Monte Carlo" by Arnaud Doucet
"RAD biodiversity: modelling many species' counts together" by Scott Foster
"The effects of zoning on exploited fish populations in the Ningaloo Marine Park" by MicK Haywood
"A short history of genome-wide association study (GWAS) and statistical challenges" by Naoyuki Kamatani
"Statistical genetic approaches for estimating population structure with application to fisheries populations" by Toshihide Kitakado, Shuichi Kitada and Hirohisa Kishino
"Textile plot: a new LD display of multiple SNP genotype data" by Natsuhiko Kumasaka and Naoyuki Kamatani
"Understanding water quality measurements" by Sara Lennox
"Statistical challenges for modeling data with many zeros" by Mihoko Minami
"Weight distribution in trawling data" by Mayumi Naka and Ritei Shibata
"Quantitative modelling of financial risks" by Pavel Shevchenko
"Modeling counts in trawling data" by Ritei Shibata and Yuki Sugaya
"Smile curve and local volatility" by Ritei Shibata and Yuuka Tanizawa
" Investigating the issues of sampling in marine surveys" by Hideyasu Shimadzu
"Bell polynomials in discrete probability distributions" by Masaaki Sibuya
"Likelihood-based method for estimating penetrance and disease susceptibility allele frequency" by Yuki Sugaya and Ritei Shibata
"Mixed methods for fitting GEV distribution" by Peter Thomson
"Challenges analysing modern genomics data" by Bill Wilson
"What can we do for hedge fund return data under the DandD environment?" by Daisuke Yokouchi and Ryozo Miura