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Notes : If you are a student who attends the class of Data Literacy in Keio university, please click Japanese page.

Browser Display Example

This is a product of DandD project.
Download DandD Browser (You need Java Ver.1.4.1 or greater. Otherwise, please download it with VM. Some of pre-installed Java is not enough for running this browser. Try download it again with VM if something is wrong.)
DandD Browser shows structure, attributes and background information of data through a DandD Instance.

Download DandD Server
DandD Server is the core part of DandD support system.

Download DandDR
@Windows Binary
@Linux source
DandDR is an interface between DandD Instance and R.
Function 'DandD' loads a DandD Instance and returns the "dad" object.

Examples of DandD Instances


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